A couple of the most sought after authors in jail are James Patterson, John Grisham, and Stephen King. I am asked on a daily basis if the library has any books by these authors, Because of the high demand I have created a read a like list for the three authors. I consulted Readers Advisory Online, Novelist and East Lansing Public Libraries Read A like list.

Stephen King Read A Likes

1.Clive Barker, Cabel, 1988 368 pages, Gallery books
Clive Barker has been terrifying readers for twenty years. Barker's Cabel gives the reader what they come to expect in a Barker take; graphic scenes, rich with detail and imagery. Cabel is four long stories and a novel. The reader will not be disappointed in these horror stories. In the story a vulnerable psychotic named Boone and the main character is taking advantage of by his therapist and madness ensues.   Boone is lead on an emotional rollercoaster verging on the brink of madness. Dead souls, night time jaunts in a crypt, and thyroid Mary's are all plots lines in his shorter stories. Appeals Fast paced, descriptive, tormented characters.
Publisher Weekly "The most ambitious dark fantasist of our time"
The Washington Post " In the hands of a lesser writer this could be just another tale of nightmarish evil…[what] common craftsman to the rarefied and chancy domain of artist is his profound awareness of the alienation and he brings these insights into dramatic  focus through the innocence of his monsters." Amazon.Com

2. Anne Rice, The Witching Hour, 1993, 1056 pages Ballatine Books
The first in the series on the Mayfair Witches series, masterfully story teller, Anne Rice takes the reader to New Orleans and into the lives of Rowan Mayfair and her haunted family. Rowan comes for a long line of witches and her tragic family past is recounted in this novel. The Mayfair witches grapple with murder, incest, and the occult. The Mayfair's lives are chronicled in this novel and their dealing with Lasher the devil. Rice is the writer of other books dealing with the occult such as "interview with a vampire."  Rice writes deeply descriptive prose in her novel and writes in intricate detail about the mansion. Her description brings to live the house in which the Mayfair's have lived for over 100 years, and makes it a character of its own. Appeal: rich in detail and description, haunted characters.

3. Peter Straub, A Dark Matter, Reprint Edition, 2011 Anchor Books
Peter Straub is a master storyteller who weaves intricate plots into his stories. This modern master of horror recounts an occult group's lead by Spencer Mallon. Mallon a charismatic leader performs a deadly ritual in 1960 in a Madison, WI. The group ritual leaves on poor soul dismembered, and the ritual was a closely kept secret that that one man forty years later tries to solve. The main character Lee is writing a story about the group and interviews those who were there the night of the ritual. Appeals; fast paced, setting, characters.

4. John Saul, Perfect Nightmare, 2006, pg 384 Ballatine Books
John Saul sets the perfect mystery in the Perfect Nightmare. Moody teenager Lindsay disappears from her home and her parents are desperate to find her. The story enfolds and a horrific plot line emerges, someone who knows her home intimately has stalked Lindsay. Appeals, fast paced, character driven,

John Grisham Read A likes:

5. William Bernhardt, Perfect Justice, 1995 Ballantine Books
Bernhardt’s book Perfect Justice is a thrill ride from beginning to end. This book will leave the reader wanting more. In Perfect Justice, A white supremacist is accused of a grisly murder. Attorney Ben Kincaid believes that his new client may be innocent. The book will keep you entertained while shedding light onto serious topics such as racism and xenophobia.
The Orlando Sentinel “Rewards it’s readers with a genuinely surprise ending while also raising serious issues.”Appeals: fast pace, story line, tone

6. Scott Turow, Reversible Errors, 2011, Grand Central Publishing, pg. 560
Arthur Raven knows his way around corporate law, so he is thrown for a loop when he finds himself representing a death row inmate. Raven makes last ditch appeals to save his client who appears to be falsely convicted. This is Turow’s sixth novel about normal everyday people in bad situations.Appeal everyday characters, setting, pace

7. David Baldacci, The Simple Truth, 1999, Grand Central Publishing, pg. 544.
Baldacci is the king of conspiracy thrillers and he doesn’t let the reader down with The Simple Truth. Baldaccis novel comprises of corruption and romance. This book looks at the heart of the American republic. The main character attorney and brother of the murder victim are determined to find out that killed his brother.
“Sizzling” USA Today.
Appeal fast pace, setting, tone

James Patterson Read A Likes

8. Patricia Cornwell, The Body Farm, 2004 Berkley, 400pages
The Body Farm is fifth in the Kay Scarpetta Series. Kay Scarpetta is the Chief Medical Examiner in Virginia. Scarpetta searches for the killer of an eleven year old girl, while hunting down a serial killer Temple Gault. Gault is a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to get closer to Scarpetta.  Cornwell's books are a thrill ride for the reader, rich with medical jargon but beginning readers of Cornwell will be able to follow along. Cornwell creates characters the readers want to read about, and plot lines that keep your turning the pages. Appeal characters, tone, setting

9. Michael Connelly, Blood Work, 1998, Grand Central Publishing, pg. 528
Blood Work by Michael Connelly is now a motion picture movie played by actor Clint Eastwood. The main character Terrell McCaleb is a retired FBI agent who comes back to the agency to search for the demented killer of his sister.Appeal tone, pace, framing

10. Thomas Harris, Hannibal, 2005, Delta, pg 528.
Fans of Hannibal Lecter will love the latest book by Thomas Harris. Hannibal reintroduces readers to the diabolical killer. Lecter escaped from FBI custody and has been roaming lose for seven years. FBI agent Clarice Starling is back on the hunt for the killer. Harris gives more in-depth insight into Lecter's character. Hannibal reveals the inner works of the notorious serial killer.
Appeal dark tone, character, framing

11. Jeffery Deaver, The Empty Chair, 2001, Pocket Books pgs. 512.
The Empty Chair is Deaver's third book in the Lincoln Rhyme series. NYPD criminalist Lincoln Rhyme finds himself chasing a kidnapper and murderer in North Carolina swampland. The Insect Boy eludes capture and tests the limits Rhyme's expertise. The Empty Chair also features Rhyme partner and love interest Amelia Sachs. It is an exciting read that is loaded with plot lines and intriguing twist.
Appeal: tone, plot, character

12. Jeffery Deaver, The Coffin Dancer, 1999, Pocket Books, pgs 560.
Second Book in the Lincoln Rhyme series, The Coffin Dancer, is a page turning thrill ride. Rhyme a quadriplegic who works as A NYPD criminalist with help from his investigating partner Amelia Sachs. The team is on a manhunt for a serial killer who can only be identified by a tattoo of a grim reaper on his arm. They are trying to stop him before his kills again.
13.John Sandford, Eyes of Prey,
John Sanford's Eyes of Prey is about a serial killer obsessed with removing the eyes of his victims and a killer who teams up with him. This dangerous team is taunting the city in an ultimate game of cat and mouse.   Washington D.C. lieutenant Lucas Davenport takes the case and is now on the hunt, but will it be to late?
Appeal Fast paced, character, setting

14. Johns Sandford, Sudden Prey, 1997, Berkley, pgs. 464
Lucas Davenport finds that when revenge is a motivating factor some people will stop at nothing to seek revenge. Sudden Prey finds Davenport up against a killer who is seeking revenge for a partner that was shot by Davenport during a hold up. 
Appeal: fast paced, character, tone

15. John Sandford, Winter Prey, 2009, reissue edition. Berkley pages 416.
In Winter Prey Sandford takes the reader out of the gritty D.C. neighborhood and into the rural Wisconsin countryside in search of the killer named the iceman. Sandford writes another page turner and thrill ride with this novel . Appeal Setting, Characters, pacing

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