Kirkus Review

Emma Donoghue’s National bestseller, and a “New York Times Book Review”  winner for Best Book of the Year, The Room is a starling and thought provoking novel. Donoghue’s novel examines relationship between a Mother and Son who are held captive. In The Room Jack and his Mother’s entire world is composed of one room, the room that old Nick keeps them hostage in. The room is the only existence that Jack knows; his was born in the room, plays in the room and lives in the room with his Mother.  For Jack ordinary objects take on different meaning. For Jack the rug, plant, crayons are his friends. Jack’s wardrobe in the room is his safe haven to hide in when mean Old Nick comes to visit. Donoghue’s novel is a story about the human spirit and how we interpret the world in which you live, and bond between a Mother and her child. This terrifying novel is a glimpse into the lives of abductees. 

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