Saturday, January 28, 2012

After a long weekend... I am back in Jail :)

I began my career as a jail librarian on accident. I was working my way through library science school and I had three part time jobs. Like most library science students I had applied to many different jobs before landing my current full time gig. I was tired of going from one job to the next and living with he instability that student worker jobs provide.

So one day when I was at the reference desk, at one of my three part time jobs, I came across an ad for a librarian at a county jail. I thought I could do this job. "Why not apply if they", I thought ,"like me it doesn't mean I have to take the job". Soon they called me for an interview, I believe that it was one of the best interviews I have every had. I think it went great because I wasn't nervous. I didn't care whether I got the job and I just went in there with the attitude that I am going to have a chat with this person. I got the call the next day. I was on my lunch break from one of my three jobs when I heard the good news. They wanted me to start work for them right away. Without thinking I said, "yes". I never thought I would be a librarian in a jail but this job suits me and I really like it.    

As the librarian at a county jail, I have found that my patrons are not that much different than say ordinary clients of a public library. Don't get me wrong, working with the criminal element on a daily basis has its challenges but in some regards it can be very rewarding. It is my intent with this blog to chronicle the day to day challenges and adventures of  a librarian behind bars :)